The 2nd Networking Forum took place from 15 – 17 April in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. This productive three-day event served as the cooperation highlight, a continuation of the common work and a focal point for meeting of neighbors. It also represented a source of fresh new ideas for further common actions within the #c4cf initiative. The main goal of this Forum was an official establishment of a collaborative interconnected network of relevant associates which will promote and raise awareness for the Macedonian-Greek youth collaboration. Since the idea of this network was for these associates to be diverse stakeholders prepared to support our future efforts for establishing the youth offices, the participants were representatives from different sectors, institutions, organizations and structures, with diverse professional and political profiles such as youth workers, students, professors, cultural workers, policy makers, coordinators etc. Regarding the structure of the Forum, it was generally consisted of four main parts: 1.”The networking Forum welcome” – consisted of the official opening to give the participants the respective cooperation welcome and the inauguration of the young ambassadors for which you can read about in the next pages of this newsletter. 2. The main sessions – where the participants had a chance to hear our speakers, with different professional and political backgrounds, give their insights on the provided topics such as “prevention of future conflicts and disputes”, “ways to promote and implement cooperation” and “accelerating action to achieve youth friendly neighborhood policies”, all through the prism of youth bilateral cooperation. 3. The Parallel Thematic Networking Sessions – after each main session, the participants had an opportunity to share their own thoughts, points of view and visions during the parallel thematic networking sessions, which were very important for the multi-stakeholder approach since they provided the place for diverse stakeholders to network and talk about future steps and actions. This approach is expected to provide a solid ground for development of common dialogue in different fields relevant for Greece and North Macedonia. 4. “Youth cooperation system map” and “Officialization of the cooperation” – the penultimate part of the Forum was reserved for the system thinking workshop where the participants had an opportunity to map the fields in which the cooperation should enhance in the future period, and also to target the stakeholders with different profiles who will play a certain role in this process. The end of the Forum was reserved for the “working together session” whose goal was to talk about the future steps in the process of “Officialization of the Cooperation”.


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