The Citizens Dialogue for the Future of Europe was an unique opportunity for citizens from Greece and North Macedonia to be part of an extraordinary democratic event that gave them the opportunity to share their thoughts and their dreams for the common European future. The event took place on 27th of September 2021 as a hybrid event and gathered more than 100 participant in 6 dialogue points from both countries. MEPs from Greece and North Macedonia, Regional Government officials and officials of the Committee of the Regions participated in the neighbors talk about environment, climate change and regional developments. The discussion contributed to explore new efficient and innovative ways to create a greener future but also to involve directly citizens on the issue of environmental ion. It was concluded that for development of our regions, there is need for a green transition support for a sustainable and green development. The event gave the opportunity to the citizens from both countries to collaborate and to be an example of friendship, and in the same time attracting the local and the regional media and creating awareness regarding EU and the Dialogue for the Future of Europe.


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