Opportunities for employment and self-employment for young people, 30km from the border

In May at the 📍Info point “Paperclip” in Valandovo [North Macedonia], we talked about the topic of youth employment and self-employment, just 30km from the border crossing “Bogorodica / Evzoni”.

Throughout the event, we dug deeper into these topics:

➡️ “Advantages offered by the Southeast region – Do young people have enough opportunities for employment and self-employment?” ➡️ “Local economic development – Does the Municipality of Valandovo offer opportunities and support for employment and self-employment of young people?” ➡️ “Opportunities for internships at the local business in Valandovo”

Regarding the speakers, #c4cf team prepared a nice lineup who shared their expertise and information about the advantages and opportunities for the young people.

We also had a surprise guest that shared the story of opening and successfully running a business in North Macedonia, as a Greek person.


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