Storytelling evening – “Youth mobilities opening horizon”

On December 14, our first joint event took place, establishing this collaboration. Four people, two from Greece and two from North Macedonia respectively, embarked on a journey of surveying experiences and recollections, directly linked to the relations between the two countries. After the presentation of the event and its main organizers, Dr. Mary Drossopoulos began to tell us her own special story, focusing on the course of her grandmother and the connection of people. Also, Dr. Drossopoulos told us about the influences that she has from the wider region of Balkans, as her grandmother comes from Istanbul or “Poli” as many Greeks use to call it.  Afterwards, Mr. Sotir spoke about the cooperation at the youth level, entrepreneurship, he spoke about Albania, North Macedonia, the relations between these countries and several other interesting things, such as the civil conflict in North Macedonia. Moreover, he stated that one of his most remarkable trips he ever experienced, is in Romania, where he met and connected with many Greeks. Mr. Paraschos, who is the founder of the organization “United Societies of Balkans” told stories from the exchanges of young people of the two countries, the mobility of people general for different reasons, for the hospitality and of course for stereotypes that prevail. Furthermore, he analysed his family background and the connections his family has with the region of the Balkans and especially he pointed it out the fact that his mother speaks Macedonian and she born and raised in Edessa (a region near the borders of Greece and North Macedonia). Christian moved in the same context of stereotypes, which divide people, not unite them, he spoke about bureaucratic issues for the difficulties he encountered, During the conversation, many views were heard. Some of them were related to personal stories from exchange and projects or from work. But most importantly, youth connectivity between the two countries, common vision, the use of the name (Skopje, North Macedonia, Macedonia), common ideas and common stories were reported. Last, but not least, in this event the audience learned about the future, which many people foresee in this region and that all this prejudice and hate are all concrete and a result of the so-called “agenda” of the decision makers, when people do not need and agenda, in order to respect each over. Unfortunately, hate over the past decades has prevailed in the region, but the youth is ready to take over the lead and move forward though collaboration and mutual understanding, establishing strong ties via NGOs, CSOs and many more.   The team: Eleni Vasdoka, Alexandros Pavlou


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